Automatic Tool Changer for STEPCRAFT MM-1000 / KRESS

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With the Automatic Tool Changer for STEPCRAFT milling spindle MM-1000 and Kress spindles type 530 FM, 800 FME, 800 FME-Q and 1050 FME-1 a time consuming manual exchange of tools is no longer required. After once defining the parameters in the machine control software, the magazin is approached automatically. With the use of compressed air, a tool is returned or a new one coleected. The supplied magazine can hold up to six tools and is optionally extendable for up to twelve.

The Tool Changer can be operated with the Switch-Box. To use the Tool Changer, a compressor with minimum 9-10 bar (130 – 145 psi) is in need.

Tool holder with appropriate ER11 collets have to be purchased separately as well as the Switch Unit which is needed for operating the device.

Technical Specifications:

SK 15 tool holders for ER11 collets from 1 to 8 mm
Double ball bearing (sealed)
Suitable for speeds up to 30.000 UpM
Operating pressure: 8 bar
Shaft diameter: 43 mm
Diameter: 56 mm
Length (without tool holder): 100 mm
Weight: 585 g

Scope of Delivery:

1x Tool Changer
1x Magazine to hold up to 6 tools


with Electronic Module and Valve, no Switch Box, with Electronic Module, Valve and Switch Box