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AMB-KRESS Milling Motor 1050 FME  230V με ηλεκτρονικο ελεγχο στροφων απο το λογισμικο


AMB-KRESS Milling Motor 1050 FME-P DI 230V με ηλεκτρονικο ελεγχο στροφων απο το λογισμικο


With the 3D Print Head PH-40 you can create high quality 3D models layer by layer. The variable temperature control makes it possible to use all filaments with a processing temperature of 150 to 265°C and a diameter of 1.75 mm. Additionally, the PH-40 contains numerous useful features, e. g. the quick release for the […]


The 3D Touch Probe makes it possible to record non-planar surfaces electronically and to precisely sense three-dimensional bodies. This way, objects can be reproduced and arched surfaces can be decorated, as for example with writings, in an easy and simple manner. Additionally, the sensitivity of the sensor can be set individually. For operating the device […]


With the Automatic Tool Changer for STEPCRAFT milling spindle MM-1000 and Kress spindles type 530 FM, 800 FME, 800 FME-Q and 1050 FME-1 a time consuming manual exchange of tools is no longer required. After once defining the parameters in the machine control software, the magazin is approached automatically. With the use of compressed air, […]


STEPCRAFT is the first Desktop CNC System offering an automatic Tool Changer. The magazine contains five tool pockets (optionally extendable to up to ten tool pockets). Thus, it enables an automatic, comfortable and complex processing of complicated workpieces. Ideal for workpieces in small batch series. The assembly is very easy: The Tool Change Attachment is […]


Drag Knife Holder for CNC machines with unique automatic pressure regulation out of high-quality aluminium for vinyl cutting. The cutting depth of the knife can be adjusted via the set screw and remains securely set. Thanks to the cutter holder’s great height adjustement of about 10 mm, the knife adjusts easily and automatically to the […]


The STEPCRAFT HF Spindle is a technical product with high precision, stability and quiet running. The HF 500 are cylindrical spindles with a compact design and equipped with an asynchronous motor to provide high torque levels. High capacity ball-bearings (3x) bring the concentricity accuracy and a long tool life. Additional advantages are high stiffness, low-vibration […]


The Hot Wire Cutter for STEPCRAFT machines. The tool enables precise cutting of all materials like styrofoam, expandable polystyrene (EPS) or polypropylene (EPP). The maximum thickness of the material is 50 mm. The maximum cutting length is 430 mm. The cutting wire is made of a special robust and durable nickel-chromium alloy. Technical Data: 100 […]


During its every workday, a milling motor is heavily used. With the MM-1000 STEPCRAFT has commissioned the development of a milling motor with high end quality standards. The motor is manufactured in Germany and fits all STEPCRAFT CNC Systems version 2 perfectly as well as many other CNC routers operated in private or commercial environment. […]


The knife for occasional use. This small Drag Knife offers the possibility of cutting foils easily and simply without removing the milling spindle. Details: double ball bearings automatic vertical adjustment including 1 knife, 45 degrees (suitably for normal foils) Not suitable for flex or flock foil. Note: The 8mm collet and clamp nut are not […]